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Medicare Open Enrollment

Open Enrollment for Medicare plans - Supplementals, Advantage and Drug plans - runs from October 15 thru December 7. At this time you can add, drop, change plans. Call if you need assistance with this.

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We specialize in helping Western Montanans find their best health insurance options.

Why use a health insurance agent or broker?

Health insurance has become amazingly complicated. The bureaucratic rules, details, and proliferating deadlines can cause mistakes, and mistakes carry consequences that are sometimes heart-breakingly severe. Financial consequences are serious and can be prolonged, but the worst consequences are being uninsured, or underinsured for a year (regular health insurance) to life (Medicare insurance).

Professional agents and brokers are experts on all of these rules, regulations and pitfalls so that normal people don’t have to keep up with it all. The assistance of a professional agent or broker is always free to the client.

Why use Montana Health Insurance Experts?

We are health insurance brokers, not agents, which means we represent you instead of an insurance company. We are appointed with all of the insurance companies on the Montana Health Insurance Exchange (currently Montana Health Coop, Blue Cross Blue Shield, PacificSource and Assurant) and a wide array of Medicare insurers, so we can offer impartial guidance as to which company, as well as which plan, might best meet your needs. Since we are licensed on the Exchange, we can assist you all the way through enrollment.

We have spent the time to become experts in the field, and we continue to spend as much time as it takes to help each client. We are your advocates, not just your "agents". We help you resolve issues with your insurer and with throughout the year, not just at enrollment time. Calls come from all over Montana for precisely these reasons.

Finally, we smooth the transition from regular health insurance to Medicare. As the time draws near for Medicare action, we'll contact you and make sure you understand what needs to be done, when, and what all the options/consequences/pros and cons are. You're not left alone to sort out the barrage of information that hits your mailbox "when you're 64".
Proudly serving Missoula & Clinton, MT and surrounding areas. 

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Open enrollment for Marketplace insurance, for individuals under age 65, runs from Nov 1 through Dec 15 this year for 2018 insurance.  This lops off a full 45 days, as it used to run through Jan 31.

If you currently are enrolled in a Blue Cross Advantage plan, your plan is technically being discontinued for 2018 (though you can re-enroll in virtually the same plan under another name).  The big news is that you can switch to a Supplemental without passing medical underwriting.  Without this chance, you can’t switch back to a

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Many people are getting notices right now that their Blue Cross Medicare Advantage plan is being discontinued.  While this is technically true, it’s not quite what it sounds like.  The plan has changed slightly, but just enough that Blue Cross had to re-name them.  This will require a new enrollment.  You also have opportunities because

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Just came out yesterday – go to

Insurers will soon be sending out renewal notices soon.  Just like last year, in some cases they will show your “new payment” for 2017 using your old subsidy.  In no case will that be your 2017 payment, as subsidies will automatically go up to absorb the price increases of the two lowest cost silver plans.  BCBS

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You have 60 days from the date your old insurance expires to sign up for new insurance outside of Open Enrollment – but there’s a downside to letting the old insurance expire (besides being uninsured for a while).  If your old insurance is still in effect, you can enroll in the new right up to

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The biggest documentation issue is income documentation.  The Marketplace is getting aggressive about demanding “proof” that your income will be close to what you estimate.  Here’s the thing:  you’ll always pay the correct premium, even if they take away your Advanced Premium Tax Credit (APTC), because you reconcile your real income with your estimated income

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Read the expose of Valeant in the Summer 2016 issue of Vanity Fair – it will astound you.  The new model is to buy companies, cut R&D for big short term profit increase, and raise prices (by factors of 10 and 20) on acquired drugs.  The end result, of course, will be no more pharmaceutical

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Autopay is convenient and keeps you from paying late.  But there are two problems I keep seeing.  One is when you switch to a different company at open enrollment and forget to stop your auto-pay on your old insurance.  You can get the money back from the old insurer, but it’s a big hassle. The

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The whole reason Obamacare uses Estimated Current Year Income (instead of last year’s verifiable income) is that, despite its complexity, it is more relevant.  It’s a recognition of the fact that what you USED to make isn’t relevant to what you can afford now.  People lose their jobs, switch to lower paying jobs, had extraordinary

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